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This Is Buyglasses     

      Buyglasses.com is a professional online prescription eyeglasses shopping website. We are committed to providing customers with the best online service according to the prescription.

      For each high-quality brand, it needs constant marketing to make the products widely known, but we believe that the best marketing is the appreciation and recommendation of customers. The original intention of our business is to  make every customer who has experienced our products and services become our lifelong customer, which is also the goal we have been chasing for.

Why  Choose  Buyglasses

      Here are a few points to illustrate the reasons that buyglasses deserves to be chosen and make you  understand better of it.

1>Experience the simplified shopping process:

We have clear product classification to help customers find their desired frames quickly.Besides, we'll choose the most suitable lenses for customers according to the scientific data.Therefore,they won't feel confused

among the tedious choices.We also provide free shipping for all the orders.For the orders over 50 dollars,we'll choose DHL Express to delivery most of them(free shipping ),so that our customers can spend less money

for better logistics.

2>Experience  the high cost performance:

Retail will have the same price advantage as wholesale through the powerful supply chain management system.

3>Experience the professionalism:

We have more than 10 years ' experience in the design and production of  frames and lenses.

4>Experience the quality assurance:

The suppliers we selected are the factories which produce items for international famous brands, and each process has its own strict quality inspection standards.

5>Experience the quick production and delivery:

We'll select the best production and logistics plans through the powerful ERP production management system and logistics tracking system, 

6>Experience the quick customer service:

We promise to solve all the problems for customers within 24 hours.

Pleasant shopping experience to sharing


      Sunlool is one of a brand in buyglasses which is specialized in prescription sunglasses.It is devoted to making those myopic people able to wear fashionable sunglasses as well. The designs which change according to

different occasions , colorful lenses and  innovative process technology enable customers to buy prescription sunglasses with more choices.

Still itching to try? Listen to the following customers share their happy experiences while shopping for sunlool.


  Moment one

    Traditional sunlool sites offered a variety of sunglasses, they never got what I wanted, they had a lot of different shades, they had a lot of poor quality frames, and sunlool gave me a different choice, not just a variety of styles.Besides, the prescription selection data is meticulous, which is in line with my purchase requirements. The real product has no color difference with the pictures on the website, so I am very optimistic about the brand sunlool.

UK , Ella


Moment Two:

      My first experience with sunlool was Extremely happy ,the glasses were quickly put on within a week, the customer service was good, the black box was stylish, the quality of the glasses was great, the website was recommended by my friends and I would definitely buy them back.

      Australia ,Vans