Quality verification

Quality identification elements of sunglasses

1.Mirror discrimination.One of the easiest ways to do this is to swing your glasses in front of your eyes and see if the object is moving with the lens.If yes, it indicates that the lens is not flat, with concave and convex, which is unqualified lens.Of course, this is for flat glasses, if it is nearsighted sunglasses this trick is not quite sure.

2.Color.In addition to the leisure, entertainment, if is really for uv protection, it is better to buy grey, green, blue, gray these real shade the lens of sunglasses, because these relatively subdued color, looking at nature does not change color, is especially suitable for for motorists, because will not affect their distinguish of traffic lights and traffic signal.

3.The UV index.For sunglasses, the UV index, or the effect of filtering out ultraviolet light, is an important criterion. Currently, most sunglasses have a UV index between 96% and 98%, and dark lenses are better than light lenses.Generally speaking, 100% UV index is not very few, different colors of UV protection degree is not the same. Stand in front of the mirror and try it on. If you can easily see your eyes in the mirror through the lens, it means that the color of the sunglasses is not dark enough and the filtered visible light is relatively little.

Sunglasses without diopter should ensure that they won't distort the sight.Otherwise ,they will cause dizziness and other discomfort when put on.


Four types of sunglasses should never be worn

1.Good sunglasses lenses can block more than 99% of uv rays, while the lenses labeled with UV400 can block 100% (99.99%) of uv rays.Wearing sunglasses with poor uv protection function, the eyes are like looking at things in a dark room. At this time, the pupil will become larger, and the residual uv rays will shoot into the eyes in large quantities, causing damage to the eyes

2, the transmission ratio is not qualified sunglasses wear this kind of sunglasses, will produce traffic signal identification obstacles, very easy to cause traffic accidents.All sunglasses, including professional driving glasses, sports glasses, fishing glasses....(except myopic lens and presbyopia lens) the simple identification method is, can put the sunglasses in front of the eyes, through the lens to observe the distant target, such as window frame or door frame, and then the glasses up and down back and forth movement, the target in the lens field should not swing and wavy deformation.

3. Sunglasses without category identification are generally divided into three categories, namely, sun-shading glasses for shading, light-colored glasses for decoration and special mirrors for preventing snow blindness or waterproof plane radiation.Without product category identification, consumers cannot correctly identify the purpose of sunglasses when purchasing, which will affect the use effect.

4. The lenses of sunglasses that don't meet the requirements of fighting performance are easy to break when they are impacted by external forces, and the fragments will cause fatal damage to people's eyes.Mirror frame material is also very important, generally there are sheet, aluminum magnesium alloy, pure titanium.Different demand circumstance is different also to the requirement of the sun, have the polarizing motion lens that USES as motion technically, polarizing driving lens, polarizing fishing lens, when buying, the professional use that can inquire clear sunglasses.Buying sunglasses should go to a regular store to buy well-known brands;When buying, should try to wear first, and compare before wearing and the chromatic aberration change after wearing is apparent, the object color that sees after wearing sunglasses is not distorted advisable.