Popular color recommendations


Which color of sunglasses benefits eyes a lot

 First of all, the best lens colors for sunglasses are brown, gray, green and other light colored lenses, which have better visual effect and protective effect.Of course, if only as makeup or collocation, can choose bright lens color to highlight their own charm.

1. Tawny-colored lenses are generally recognized as the best lens colors in sunglasses. They can absorb almost 100% of uv and infrared rays.And the soft color tone makes the vision comfortable, lets the eye not be tired easily.

2. The grey system can fully absorb infrared rays and most ultraviolet rays without changing the original color of the scene.Soft, natural colors are a popular choice for lenses.

3. Green glasses and grey glasses can absorb all infrared rays and 99% ultraviolet rays, and the blue and red in the light can also be blocked, but sometimes the color of the scenery will be changed after passing through the green lens.However, green is also the first choice for many friends because of its cool feeling and good eye protection.

4. yellow yellow lens can absorb 100% ultraviolet light and most of the blue light, absorb blue light, see the scenery will be more clear, so in hunting, shooting, wearing yellow lens when the filter is more common.

5.red department red department of sunglasses lens on some wavelength relatively short light barrier better, and other protective effect is lower than the other three colors.In addition, try not to choose sunglasses with pure blue lenses. Pure blue lenses will pick out harmful blue light and enter your eyes, which is not good for your eyes' health.

Unique color applied to the scene

Black lens - suitable for strong light, such as the use of midday light, uv protection, filter glare and harmful light, can play a very good effect.

Purple lens - reduces visible light penetration without affecting clarity.

Blue lens - suitable for fog or poor visibility.

Reddish-orange lenses - overall, the best for making the surrounding terrain extremely clear.

Yellow lens - suitable for use in dim light and at night, increasing contrast to improve clarity.

Colorless lenses - ideal for foggy or gray weather, and more for windshield and rain, reducing the risk of conjunctivitis in the eyes.

Tinted and reflective lenses - essential for plateau cycling, useful in areas of snow or plateau strong light, strong ultraviolet radiation.

The chameleon will automatically change color according to the ambient color temperature to adapt to different environments.