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 Such a pair of sunglasses is definitely going to win vote among those who suffer from vision trouble but feel like having a go at taking on a fashion look.


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About types of lenses

The classification of myopia sun lens is mainly divided into three kinds: dyed myopia lens, polarized myopia lens, discolored myopia lens.These 3 kinds of lens have a common advantage is, they suit all myopic picture frame and radian small sun picture frame, close sunglasses and myopic lens 2 for one, more beautiful.

Main features of dyed myopic lenses: the price of dyed resin lenses is relatively low, economical, but ordinary dyed myopic lenses without additional coating may not be very good uv protection effect.

The main characteristics of polarized myopia lens: the advantage of polarized myopia lens can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays, the price is relatively high, not suitable for indoor wear, and the polarized myopia lens sold on the market at present has only a refractive index of 1.50 lens, for the myopia degree is relatively high people, the lens will be thicker.

The main characteristics of color-changing myopia lens: color-changing sunglasses are affected by ultraviolet intensity index change to adjust the color depth, can meet the requirements of indoor and outdoor wearing, effectively prevent ultraviolet, but if driving, usually the car uv index is not stable, color change effect is not very ideal.

Principles and advantages of dazzle color reflective film sunglasses

Anti-reflection film advantages: coating anti-reflection film on the lens can not only enhance your appearance;Reduce glare and reflection;Reduce glare at night while driving;The AR coating helps prevent "digital eye fatigue" for people who work in front of a computer all day.Enhance the appearance of glasses;Make the lens invisible.Since the anti-reflection film is a special coating, it takes more work to take care of these lenses.For example: do not clean the lens.Even if you only have water you can rinse them before cleaning so you don't grind anything in the lens.Use only microfiber, not ties or shirts.Put your glasses in a box at night and when not in use.You can use a glass cleaner, but skip most household dishwashing soaps because it can eat the lens.Keep alcohol and acetone away from the lens, as they can gobble up the lens.It is recommended to use these care techniques to ensure that your AR coating lasts as long as possible.


Need to know more details?

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