Choose and face-shape

Match sunglasses with your face

       Sunglasses serves as vogue to taste, consider glasses and face shape, dress, temperament to wait even when choose and buy harmonious collocation.In particular, facial features have certain restrictions on the choice of sunglasses.Faces are born, and it's hard to change them unless you have plastic surgery.But if you are not satisfied with their face shape, you do not prevent the choice of a pair of appropriate glasses, with their own style, temperament, harmonious glasses can play a role in the face shape of ordinary magic.

Round face

Round or curved sunglasses are not suitable for round faces.Round picture frame, round dangler or comb beautiful hair backward, all can emphasize a face model chubby, the aesthetic feeling that lacks phase line.This reason, should want to choose the picture frame with wide all directions, and should avoid round, lightsome or puerile model money.Appropriate hairstyle can make round face looks the sense that has ellipse, can divide hairstyle in side boundary and comb bang, in the meantime, yi ke combs the hair to cover the jaw line with cover circle on the cheek.Beaded earrings, beaded chains and rounded collars all don't match a round face, and long necklaces or v-necks are great choices.

Heart-shaped face

Heart-shaped face: light-colored lenses with multi-angle frames

This kind of face has the chin that sharps normally and broad forehead, too big or the sun glasses of too thick line can make facial outline appears more broad, and lower jaw line appears more pointed small, reason should avoid to wear both sides to become warped picture frame up, because can emphasize the jaw that sharps only so.Heart face appropriate to wear lightweight and polygonal sunglasses, matching with the face contour line.

Square face

Square face gives a person the sense that has hale and hearty, should avoid to choose to wear the sun glasses of square frame, and of big circular frame, can make outline appears however relatively supple.The round sunglasses that square face place should deserve to wear, frame edge wants thick wide, reach the line that can show hao lang, narrow edge and delicate sunglasses, when cooperating with respect model, can appear especially dim little and not phase line.In addition to sunglasses, square face if match high chignon hairstyle, look to feel slender, and if the hair comb cover cheek and lower cheek, can make square jaw line, appear narrower on the vision small.Wearing round or dangling earrings also draws attention to the underside of the cheeks, making a square face appear longer.

Elliptical face

Oval face is suitable for wearing frame wide sunglasses, make the face look wide, reduce the length of the short face.Thin edge metal frame or frameless sunglasses, are not suitable for wearing.Comb the hairdo that has bang, yi ke shortens a face on the vision model length, can make forehead appears more broad more.V-neck shapes, long dangling earrings, and long necklaces only add to the look, while short beaded chains, rounded necklines, and suitable sunglasses give a rounded, narrow oval shape.


Should choose picture frame thicker, color is darker, the glasses with transverse width slightly wide will adjust the proportion of fluctuation, give a person the sense that coordinates on the vision.

Peach face

Suit to choose lens color lighter, finer metal picture frame or frameless glasses, in order to reduce the weight of the upper part of the face, so as not to make originally wide upper half face more have outspread feeling.

A small face

Suit to wear thin frame or frameless glasses to choose the lens color such as quietly elegant blue, purple, light coffee, can have unexpected effect.