About Sunglasses

     What's the difference between polarizing sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses?

           Ordinary sunglasses, generally refers to those only have the basic functions of shielding strong light and filtering ultraviolet rays.Such sunglasses only have relatively single function and lower technology,thus the  production cost is lower.

           And the biggest difference between polarizing sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses is the treatment of reflected light by polarizing sunglasses.In our living environment, there are three kinds of light: direct light, reflected light and diffuse light, among which the diffuse light is the most important light that help us to see things.However, usually we can't notice it.As long as we pay attention to the direct light, it won't be harmful to our lives because it has a fixed light source.These common reflections in life often reflect light in a sudden, which will bring much inconvenience to our life.Take the car driver as an example, the review mirror in front of him is an uncertain reflecting light source.Either the water on the roadside or the smooth plane objects carried by the passers-by can become reflected light sources.These reflected light may bring troubles or even danger to the driver's driving.Polarizing sunglasses are aimed at the reflected glare, which can be filtered out, so as to play a role in anti-vertigo, and it will also make the vision clearer in summer trip as well as reduce visual fatigue.While ordinary sunglasses don't have this kind of function. Since their lenses can't filter light, they can only reduce the intensity of strong light and ultraviolet light.However, they can't help with the harmful light. Thus, we can see that ordinary sunglasses can only reduce the harm to eyes.Nevertheless, the greatest advantage of ordinary sunglasses is that they have the popularity that polarizing sunglasses don't have, so they are favored by many online customers.

And sunglasses can be worn at any time, not only on sunny days.They are divided into sunshade sunglasses, colored sunglasses and special-purpose sunglasses.Generally, colored sunglasses can be used for clothing matching all year round, and sunshade sunglasses can also be worn all year round!

     What are the materials of sunglasses lens?

           What are the materials of sunglasses lens?With the continuous popularity of sunglasses, more and more people wear them. The material of sunglasses lenses can be roughly divided into four types: plastic, glass, photochromic lens and polarizer.


      The most obvious feature is that it is light and not fragile. The anti-ultraviolet function of plastic lens without any treatment is obviously better than that of glass lens, and the color treatment of plastic lens is also simpler.The disadvantage of plastic lens is its weak wear resistance, easy to scratch, and easy to deform when the lens is impacted, so we should be more careful about its maintenance


     Glass lens is common in our life.And its most prominent advantage is that its optical performance is very stable. This is the consistent advantage of glass lens. It is also the same when used in frame glasses. Moreover, glass lens is not easy to deform and won't be affected by the pressure of the frame.The disadvantage of glass lenses is that they are easy to break, which can cause damage to the eyes.At present, the newly developed reinforced glass lens has more outstanding performance than ordinary glass lens, and is also considered as a kind of safety lens.

3:  Photochromic lens

     The photochromic lens is also called photosensitive lens, because of the change of light, the color of the lens will change accordingly, thus the eyes can adapt to different environments. In strong light, the color of photochromic lens  will deepen, and the color of the lens will automatically become lighter in dark light. This kind of lens has been used in myopia sunglasses, and this kind of sunglasses with photochromic lenses is also considered relatively convenient.


    This is the lens used on polarizing sunglasses. It uses the principle of polarization of light,and the glare from all sides will be blocked outside the lens, which makes the sight clearer and the driving safer.

These materials all have their own features. If you wear sunglasses while driving, polarizer is a good choice.

How to maintain polarized sunglasses properly?

The dazzling polarized sunglasses can block the sunshine,which keeps us active in the sunshine.But they can't prevent the damage of pollution. So we should take good care of them.We should form good habits whether they are scrubbed, folded or stored, so that they can play the most effective role.

Many people will take off their polarized sunglasses and hang them on their heads, collars or pockets when they don't wear them.But we must pay attention to the action . Otherwise, the polarized sunglasses will be broken or damaged easily.

Of course, many female friends will put the polarized sunglasses in their handbags.In fact, it's better to put them in hard glasses boxes before in handbags ,so that they won't  be rubbed by keys, combs and other small things or polluted by cosmetics such as lipstick.

Polarized sunglasses can give drivers a good view, but here is a reminder to drivers .That is, although they are often placed on the dashboard or seats when drivers don't wear them, it is a very bad habit.

It's better to store your glasses in the glasses storage box because hot weather can bake polarized sunglasses out of shape, especially for the ones with plastic frames.

Life in the sunglasses take off to wear, so inevitably there will be some dust and dirt on, at this time do not use your nails to pick, otherwise it is easy to scratch the surface.


Because polarized sunglasses block uncomfortable glare and protect the eyes from uv rays, all thanks to filters of metallic powders (membranes) that "select" light as it enters.

Polarized sunglasses selectively absorb some of the wavelengths that make up the sun's rays because they use very fine metal powders (iron, copper, nickel, etc.

Sand or dust is inevitable, these dirt best blowing gently, also can use tap water rinse, and then rinse with middle finger and index finger dips in neutral soap gently daub, hard to jilt to adhesion of water after rinse, gently with senior paper towels absorb of small water droplets, but don't be hard to clean oh, otherwise it will scratch the lenses.

Do not need other cleaner below common circumstance, do not contain colloid shampoo and bath fluid more, nurse daily must go gently with professional wipe clean cloth.

These glasses can't be put in the car

     As spring and summer begin, the temperature rises gradually.There are a lot of safety risks in cars that will affect our life, such as the frames and lenses that are indispensable to short-sighted people.

Case 1: resin lenses

If the vehicle is parked in the sun, do not put the resin lens in the car, because the high temperature will cause damage to the resin lens, such as lens frame deformation, lens film, affect vision health.Some experiments show that when the outdoor temperature reaches 32℃, the temperature inside the car may be above 50℃.In this way, the lens on the car can easily be damaged.It also reminds people not to wear resin glasses to hot places like saunas.Many resin lenses are composed of three layers, each layer has a different expansion rate. If the temperature reaches 60℃, the lens will become blurred, such as the appearance of network of small grids.

Situation 2: panel/injection molding frame

The plate/resin frame is made of liquid materials that are heated and cooled and solidified. When placed in a high temperature environment for a long time, the frame softens and deforms.1. The optical center of the lens is offset, and the pupil luminosity cannot be aligned with the eye, resulting in dizziness, nausea and other phenomena; 2.2. The bridge of the nose is caused by weight deviation, and the stress on the ear is not balanced.3. Wearing a distorted frame ruins your image.